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Bengaluru Edition Apr 15, 2021
April 19, 2021
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May 17, 2021
    This post was last updated on       May 25th, 2021

Gold Rush: The story behind 4 gold medals

Bhoomika receiving the gold medals at VTU convocation held on 3 April 2021.

What does it take to achieve academic glory?
Does it come with sheer hard work or only when all your stars are aligned?

According to Bhoomika K. M., this year’s winner of four university gold medals in the MBA stream from BNMIT, it is a combination of persistence and smart work that can put you up the podium. All set to join her family business started by her grandfather 50 years ago, the MBA graduate is on cloud nine with her recent achievement.

“I cannot express this feeling in words. I was not expecting all the four medals at the university level. I was able to perform well in all the internal assessments and while that gave me some confidence, I never expected rank one,” says the 23-year-old. Bhoomika was awarded with VTU University Gold Medal, R N Shetty Gold Medal, Jain University Gold Medal, and Professor M R Doreswamy Gold Medal in MBA, Finance and Marketing at VTU’s 20th annual convocation held on 3 April 2021.

Taking the family legacy forward as the third generation, Bhoomika knows exactly where she is headed. “I want to retain the traditional values of the business that was started by my grandfather, while bringing in the best practices of the current business world. I want to inculcate the current technologies and strategies and take my grandfather’s dreams to new heights,” says Bhoomika, who feels that her success mantra lied in taking internal assessments earnestly.

“I did not cram the syllabus for the final examinations. I rather spread it out carefully throughout the course duration and gave internal assessments due importance. This took off a lot of pressure during the university examination and all I was left to do was revise,” says Bhoomika, who pursued her graduation degree in commerce before joining BNMIT.

Ask the young Bangalorean about the values and assistance she received at the institute and pat comes the reply. “BNMIT has value that you tend to follow even when you are not asked to. The institute played a major role in my success. The lecturers were very supportive and approachable. I had my apprehensions about the course and syllabus coverage, but I was surprised when every aspect of the course was covered during the lectures,” says the proud BNMITian.

Apart from being academically bright, Bhoomika is also an avid writer and was campus reporter for the institute’s MBA department.