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    This post was last updated on       April 13th, 2024
  • Retd Major General K R Prasad delivered a talk on “Glory of India the Untold Stories”, August 2019

Guest Lecture on "the Application of Social Media Marketing Platforms"

Speaker: Mr. Bharath Gururaj, Digital Marketing Manager, BigBee Experience Management Pvt Ltd

Date: 14th Feb 2024

The program, led by seasoned digital marketing professional Mr. Bharath Gururaj, focused on social media marketing platforms, particularly Meta Ads Manager. Attendees gained insights into fundamental social media marketing principles, including its significance and scope across various platforms. A significant portion of the seminar was dedicated to Meta Ads Manager, where participants learned practical strategies for planning, executing, and optimizing campaigns. The seminar emphasized the importance of clear objectives, target audience identification, compelling content creation, and performance monitoring. Overall, attendees left with a deeper understanding of social media marketing fundamentals and practical expertise in leveraging Meta Ads Manager for effective campaign management

Learning Objectives:

  1. Develop a thorough understanding of social media marketing fundamentals, including key concepts, strategies, and platforms.
  2. Gain practical skills in utilizing Meta Ads Manager for planning, executing, and optimizing social media marketing campaigns, enhancing campaign effectiveness and audience engagement.

Guest Lecture on "Current Trends in the Banking Sector"

Speaker: Mr. Janardhan Soakar, a Retired Deputy General Manager (RTD DGM) at Canara Bank

Date: 9th Feb 2024

The session commenced at 10:30 AM and was delivered by Mr. Janardhan Soakar, a Retired Deputy General Manager (RTD DGM) at Canara Bank. Mr. Soakar currently serves as a trainer for Canara and Southern India Bank in India, bringing with him a wealth of experience and expertise in the banking industry.

During the session, Mr. Soakar provided a comprehensive overview of various aspects of the Indian banking sector. He began by tracing the origin of the banking sector, highlighting its evolution over the years. He then delved into the role of central banks and their significance in regulating the financial landscape.

One of the focal points of Mr. Soakar’s lecture was the discussion on current trends in the banking sector. He elaborated on concepts such as core banking, neo banking, open banking, blockchain technology, and online banking. Through engaging examples and real-life case studies, he elucidated how these trends are reshaping the banking industry and influencing customer behaviour.

Moreover, Mr. Soakar’s presentation was not only informative but also highly engaging. His adept storytelling skills and sense of humour captivated the audience, eliciting laughter and active participation from the attendees.

Learning outcome:

  1. Students have got a comprehensive understanding of the dynamics shaping the banking sector, including technological advancements and regulatory
  2. Students were exposed to emerging trends in the banking industry which helps them to be more competent as management students

A Guest Lecture on ‘Fundamental and Technical Analysis’

Speaker: Mr. G Vijay Raghavan

Date: 2nd February 2024

Mr. G Vijay Raghavan, a seasoned expert in the stock market with over 14 years of experience, delivered an enlightening guest lecture on February 2, 2024, focusing on the Nifty 50 index. The lecture commenced with an exploration of the Nifty 50 index, elucidating its significance as a benchmark index representing the top 50 companies listed on the National Stock Exchange of India. Mr. Raghavan then navigated through key concepts such as stop-loss orders, delineating the difference between trigger price and execution price, and elucidating their importance in risk management. Furthermore, the lecture delved into the interpretation of technical indicators like moving averages and Bollinger Bands, along with strategies for analyzing financial statements to evaluate company health and growth prospects. Real-time examples were provided to illustrate the practical application of these concepts. Overall, the session provided MBA students with invaluable insights and a roadmap for navigating the complexities of the stock market and the Nifty 50 index.

Learning Outcome:

  • Students gained a thorough understanding of the Nifty 50 index and its significance as a benchmark for the Indian stock market.
  • The insights gained from the session provided students with a solid foundation for pursuing careers in finance, whether in investment banking, asset

A Guest Lecture on ‘Capital Market Awareness’

Speaker: Mr. Anilkumar Garag, Financial Explert , BSE.

Date: 30th January 2024

Number of Participants:

A guest lecture on ‘Capital Market Awareness’ was conducted for third-semester MBA students on January 30, 2024. Mr. Anilkumar Garag, a Financial Expert nominated by the Bombay Stock Exchange, delivered an insightful Investor Education Program organized by the BSE Investor Protection Fund (BSE-IPF) in collaboration with LOTUS KNOWLWEALTH (LKW).

During the lecture, Mr. Garag covered various aspects of the capital market, including the trade and T+1 settlement system, savings, and investment strategies. He emphasized the importance of diversifying investment portfolios across different asset classes and elucidated the potential power of compounding in wealth creation. Additionally, he provided valuable advice on prudent investment practices, Do’s & Don’ts for Investors, and effective financial planning for a secure future. Mr. Garag also educated students on their rights and responsibilities as investors in the financial market and highlighted the latest developments, including grievance redressal mechanisms.

The session was highly successful, leaving a lasting impact on students’ understanding of capital market dynamics and empowering them with a comprehensive understanding of the financial landscape.

Learning Outcome:

  • Develop awareness of diversification of investment, prudent investment practices and common pitfalls to avoid in the financial market.
  • Enhanced ability to analyze and assess investment opportunities in the capital market, leading to more informed decision-making as financial professionals or investment

A Guest Lecture on “Orientation to stock trading”

Speaker: Mr. Rajesh Raheja, Senior assistant VP at ICICI securities

Date: 11th January 2024

On January 11, 2024, a guest lecture on ‘Orientation to Stock Trading’ was organized for third- semester MBA students. During the lecture, Mr. Rajesh Raheja meticulously covered various aspects of stock trading and demat accounts, offering a thorough understanding to the audience. He underscored the potency of compounding, elucidating how it can exponentially grow investments over time.

Additionally, Mr. Raheja delved into practical stock trading strategies, providing attendees with valuable insights into maximizing investment opportunities. He specifically addressed the intricacies of managing a demat account, offering nuanced guidance, particularly regarding ICICI Direct, a leading brokerage platform. Through his extensive experience and expertise, Mr. Raheja supplemented theoretical discussions with real-world examples, elucidating complex concepts in a relatable manner.

Furthermore, Mr. Raheja adeptly utilized available resources on the ICICI Direct website to illustrate key points, enhancing the audience’s comprehension and practical application of the discussed topics.

Learning Outcome:

  • Gained a foundational understanding of stock trading, demat accounts, and the power of
  • Enhanced awareness of the importance of long-term wealth creation through equity investments and the role of compounding in achieving financial

A Guest Lecture on “Manufacturing and Design – “A comprehensive journey into Innovative Processes and Strategies”

Speaker: Mr. Krishna A P, Manager – Manufacturing & Operations, Bathla Aluminium Pvt Limited

Date: 10th January 2024

Mr. Krishna delivered a comprehensive lecture on Manufacturing and Design. He emphasized the significance of various aspects including facility planning, product designing, material management, procurement procedures, purchase functions, inventory management, and vendor rating. The session was enriched with practical examples from Bathla’s practices, illustrating the application of these concepts in real-world scenarios. The interactive nature of the lecture encouraged active engagement and participation from third semester MBA students.

Learning Outcome:

  • Gained practical insights into innovative processes and strategies employed in manufacturing and design industries.
  • Acquired knowledge about technologies and strategies practiced in the industry, enhancing their ability to apply theoretical concepts to practical situations.
  • Enhanced critical thinking and analytical skills by analysing case studies and practical examples presented during the lecture.

A Guest Lecture on “Navigating Digital Marketing from Likes to Leads”

Speaker: Mr. Shridhar Talwar, Analyst at Annalect India

Date: 9th Jan 2024

The session conducted by Mr. Shridhar Talwar commenced with a detailed exploration of Google Ads fundamentals, including keyword analysis techniques and strategies for creating impactful ad campaigns. Following this, students received insights into Meta’s evolution, key features, and effective campaign creation on the platform. Talwar then discussed essential digital marketing tools such as Google Analytics, Google Ads Editor, and Search Ads 360, emphasizing their role in campaign management and performance enhancement. The session concluded with an elucidation of key metrics like CTR, CPC, CPA, and ROAS, crucial for measuring campaign success and optimization. Additionally, attendees gained valuable insights into job opportunities and career guidance in the digital marketing field, including skill development, networking, and industry trends, empowering them to embark on successful careers in digital marketing.

Learning Outcome:

  • Students developed proficiency in utilizing essential digital marketing tools and strategies
  • Students have a deeper understanding of key digital marketing metrics
  • Acquired insights into various career opportunities and paths within the digital marketing field


A fascinating guest lecture was held at BNMIT College, featuring the esteemed Dr. Mridula Mishra from the Mittal School of Business at Lovely Professional University. With over 25 years of rich experience in research, academics, and hospitals, Dr. Mishra, who holds a doctorate in psychology from Banaras Hindu University (BHU), shared insightful knowledge on psychometric testing.

In her lecture, Dr. Mishra explained the importance of psychometric testing. She said that psychometric tests can be used to assess a person’s cognitive abilities, personality traits, and interests. This information can be used to help people make career decisions, improve their performance at work, and develop their personal growth.

Dr. Mishra also explained the different types of psychometric tests. Some of the most common types of psychometric tests include:

  • Intelligence tests: These tests measure a person’s general cognitive ability.
  • Ability tests: These tests measure a person’s specific skills or abilities, such as verbal reasoning, numerical reasoning, or spatial reasoning.
  • Personality tests: These tests measure a person’s personality traits, such as extroversion, agreeableness, conscientiousness, openness to experience, and neuroticism.
  • Interest tests: These tests measure a person’s interests, such as their career goals, hobbies, and activities.

Dr. Mishra also discussed the ABC model of attitude. The ABC model(Affective, Behavioural and Cognitive) states that our attitudes are influenced by our thoughts (A), our behaviours (B), and our feelings (C). For example, if we think that we are not good enough for a job (A), we may behave in a way that is self-defeating (B), and we may feel anxious or depressed (C).

Dr. Mishra also discussed the cognitive triangle. The cognitive triangle states that our thoughts, behaviours, and feelings are all interconnected. For example, if we have a negative thought about ourselves (A), we may be more likely to behave in a way that is self-destructive (B), and we may feel bad about ourselves (C).

Finally, Dr. Mishra conducted two activities that gave insights into problem solving and critical thinking. These activities helped the students to understand how to approach and solve problems in a systematic and logical way.

The students found the lecture to be informative and helpful. They learned about the different types of psychometric tests and how they can be used to measure psychological constructs. They also learned about the ABC model of attitude and how it can be used to understand and change our attitudes. The problem-solving and critical thinking activities helped the students to develop their skills in these areas.

Overall, the lecture was a valuable learning experience for the students. They gained a better understanding of psychometric testing and how it can be used in a variety of settings. They also learned about the ABC model of attitude and how it can be used to improve their mental health.

Skill Development Program in the Topic “REAL-TIME MARKET RESEARCH”

MBA department, BNMIT in association with Skillgenix conducted an SDP in the topic ” REAL-TIME MARKET RESEARCH” from 19th to 24th October 2020 for the 2019-21 batch student.

Market research is a powerful marketing tool. Today, there is a growing demand to carry it out in an intelligent, innovative, and faster way. Consumers communicate at breakneck speed. With mobile phones in hand, they immediately let you know what they think and experience. Creating campaigns based on a traditional market survey done months ago may be of little use today. The real-time market research is the one that would help the brand to react quickly and according to the needs of its customers.


  • Introduction to Market research
  • How to write a business overview
  • Making of company snapshots
  • Ways to collect information about companies
  • Types of company strategies
  • Understanding SWOT analysis

Skill Development Program in the Topic “Advanced Excel”

MBA department, BNMIT had organized an online SDP in the Topic “Advanced Excel” from 19th October 2020 for the 2018-20 Batch students between 9 am to 2:30 pm conducted through Zoom platform. With an idea to prepare students to take up new jobs and be Industry ready.

The students were trained in basic functions of excel and advanced operations covering the topics like logical functions, computation of stock returns, graphs, V lookup H lookup functions, regression analysis, and application of these in Real-time situations. The data set and the formula sheet was shared with students before the commencement of the SDP. Every day assignments were given to execute the topics discussed and on the Final day a test was conducted to evaluate the students on topics covered

WEBINAR LECTURE SERIES on ‘Specialization Matters- One hour guide to making an informed choice’

The Department of MBA, BNM Institute of Technology, Bangalore organized a three-day webinar series open to the first-year MBA student community on the topic ‘Specialization Matters- One hour guide to making an informed choice’ from June 24th to June 26th, 2020. A total number of 450 students across different cities of Karnataka participated in the Webinar.

Day 1 was marked for Finance specialization and the resource person was Mr. Viswanathan P, chartered accountant & CEO at Vyoma Linguistic Labs Foundation, Bangalore. He highlighted that  the Finance jobs require strong quantitative aptitude, voracious reading skills, teamwork, perspective thinking ability and common sense as a prerequisite

Day 2, on 25th June 2020, was dedicated to Human Resource Management, where the guest speaker was Mr. Mohan Kumar, Practice Head at Wipro Technologies. He spoke about the IT skills and certifications students need to take up to attract better career opportunities in the area of HR

Day 3 of the Webinar was chaired by Mr. CNB Rajesh, Director and Chief Evangelist, Enleanytics. He shared his insights about career prospects in Marketing and how students should prepare themselves with the relevant knowledge, skills, and attitude

Workshop on Business Analytics and E-Business

A five day Workshop on “Business Analytics and E – Business” for 3rd Semester MBA students was conducted in association with Makeintern & Echoes’ (IIM Kozhikode Event) from September 08, 2019 to September 12, 2019. The trainer for the 5-day program was Ms. Maneesha from Makeintern Institute.

The students were introduced to R, a programming language used by statisticians and data miners for data analysis.. Five students, selected by the trainer, were awarded the Merit certificates and given an opportunity to present business plan in IIM-Kozhikode at the Echoes’ 2019 event. This was the rarest of rare opportunity for the students of MBA.

Inauguration and Induction Program for I Semester MBA

An induction program for I Semester MBA students was organized from October 1to 9, 2019 over a period of five days. The purpose of the induction program was to facilitate a smooth transition to a post-graduate program and also emphasize on the various aspects of personality development.

Excel Training

Students of MBA gaining hands-on experience from the training session on “Advanced Excel”