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    This post was last updated on       September 14th, 2023
  • Retd Major General K R Prasad delivered a talk on “Glory of India the Untold Stories”, August 2019

Virtual Guest Lecture Series- During and After Lock-down

13th November 2020Brand management – A Peek into today’s scenario and opportunities during the pandemic

Mr. Khundmir Syed

Marketing Lead IBM

6th  November 2020Investing in the financial marketsMr. Prathik(FreeLancer& ALUMNI)
5th  November 2020Career opportunities in Banking & Financial IndustryMr. Niranjan T Mohite, regional head for west and south for BFSI vertical of NIIT.
2nd November 2020Importance of Self-Branding

Mrs. Tripti Arvind


      25th July 2020.Capital Market Awareness

Mr. Ashok Kumar,

Director of Lotus Know wealth

 15th July 2020.CSR and its relevance in this pandemic situationDr. Leena James, Professor at Christ University.
3rd June 2020Sales- a world full of opportunities & challenges

Mr. DVS Subhash,

Sales Head at Birla soft


15th May    2020

Recruitment Process


Ms. Geetha Nagaraj

IT delivery manager

12th May 2020

Embracing the New Future


Mr. Mohan Kumar, Practice Head at Wipro Ltd.
    24th April 2020B2B Sales and Promotions

Mr. Sougandh K.M.,

Channel Development Manager, Universal Robots- South Asia


22nd April 2020

Testing of Hypothesis


Ms. Manju J R

AP, J S S Academy of Technical Education, UP

16th April 20205 Ps of Successful Leadership

Dr. Balaji M.S,

CEO Whtznx

9th April 2020Future of HR AnalyticsDr. Manjunath V S, Founder- Enleanytics,
31st March & 2nd April 2020Content Marketing

Mr. Rajesh Chakravarthy,

Director, Enleanytics,

31st March 2020

BCG Matrix at Amazon. in


Mr. Adarsh B, Product compliance department at Amazon.com
30th March 2020Teamwork

Mr. Arjun Vellal

Founder, Proawitz Leadership

  26th March 2020

Leadership at crisis


Ms. Preeja Sridhar,

Mu Sigma Inc

25th March 2020Life a For IV semester students after Covid-19

Dr. Karthik L,


OBEL Experience

The Outbound Experiential Learning (OBEL) program designed for the MBA students of BNMIT marked a significant milestone as it embarked on its 3rd edition, taking place from the 26th to the 28th of July. This immersive journey commenced with a captivating visit to the Big Barn farm, setting the stage for a series of transformative experiences. The inaugural day unfolded with a compelling session led by Prof. Satish, fostering critical thinking and nurturing teamwork, essential skills for aspiring business leaders. This initial engagement paved the way for an array of adventures that lay ahead.

Under the guidance of the seasoned experts at the Big Barn farm, the participants were introduced to the diverse realm of adventure activities on the second day of the program. An insightful session covered not only the intricacies of different adventure activities but also delved into the meticulous process of planning these endeavours. The mastery of equipment used in such activities and the art of tying various knots were demonstrated and practiced, offering a hands-on understanding that enriched the learning experience.

As the program progressed into its second day, participants continued to expand their skill set with an immersive exploration of various knots, reinforcing their practical prowess. A live demonstration illustrating the intricacies of planning and executing rappelling activities added a layer of practicality to the learning process. The stage was thus set for a more comprehensive application of acquired knowledge.

The pinnacle of the OBEL program unfolded on the third day as the participants embarked on a journey to Mutthurayaswamy hills. Amidst the tranquil hills, a series of exhilarating activities awaited, including rappelling, caving, and vertical trekking. These immersive experiences not only tested their physical endurance but also fostered resilience, adaptability, and a deep sense of accomplishment. The combination of these dynamic activities provided an unmatched learning opportunity, as participants not only acquired new skills but also gained valuable insights into their own capabilities and potential.

In summation, the OBEL program for BNMIT’s MBA students delivered a holistic and enriching experience that extended beyond the classroom. With a comprehensive blend of theoretical insights and practical applications, the program seamlessly merged critical thinking, teamwork, and adventure into an invaluable learning journey. The participants emerged not only with newfound knowledge and skills but also with a profound sense of achievement and personal growth. This 3rd edition of the OBEL program undoubtedly stands as a testament to the institution’s commitment to providing its students with unparalleled opportunities for holistic education and experiential learning.

Skill Development Program in the Topic “REAL-TIME MARKET RESEARCH”

MBA department, BNMIT in association with Skillgenix conducted an SDP in the topic ” REAL-TIME MARKET RESEARCH” from 19th to 24th October 2020 for the 2019-21 batch student.

Market research is a powerful marketing tool. Today, there is a growing demand to carry it out in an intelligent, innovative, and faster way. Consumers communicate at breakneck speed. With mobile phones in hand, they immediately let you know what they think and experience. Creating campaigns based on a traditional market survey done months ago may be of little use today. The real-time market research is the one that would help the brand to react quickly and according to the needs of its customers.


  • Introduction to Market research
  • How to write a business overview
  • Making of company snapshots
  • Ways to collect information about companies
  • Types of company strategies
  • Understanding SWOT analysis

Skill Development Program in the Topic “Advanced Excel”

MBA department, BNMIT had organized an online SDP in the Topic “Advanced Excel” from 19th October 2020 for the 2018-20 Batch students between 9 am to 2:30 pm conducted through Zoom platform. With an idea to prepare students to take up new jobs and be Industry ready.

The students were trained in basic functions of excel and advanced operations covering the topics like logical functions, computation of stock returns, graphs, V lookup H lookup functions, regression analysis, and application of these in Real-time situations. The data set and the formula sheet was shared with students before the commencement of the SDP. Every day assignments were given to execute the topics discussed and on the Final day a test was conducted to evaluate the students on topics covered

WEBINAR LECTURE SERIES on ‘Specialization Matters- One hour guide to making an informed choice’

The Department of MBA, BNM Institute of Technology, Bangalore organized a three-day webinar series open to the first-year MBA student community on the topic ‘Specialization Matters- One hour guide to making an informed choice’ from June 24th to June 26th, 2020. A total number of 450 students across different cities of Karnataka participated in the Webinar.

Day 1 was marked for Finance specialization and the resource person was Mr. Viswanathan P, chartered accountant & CEO at Vyoma Linguistic Labs Foundation, Bangalore. He highlighted that  the Finance jobs require strong quantitative aptitude, voracious reading skills, teamwork, perspective thinking ability and common sense as a prerequisite

Day 2, on 25th June 2020, was dedicated to Human Resource Management, where the guest speaker was Mr. Mohan Kumar, Practice Head at Wipro Technologies. He spoke about the IT skills and certifications students need to take up to attract better career opportunities in the area of HR

Day 3 of the Webinar was chaired by Mr. CNB Rajesh, Director and Chief Evangelist, Enleanytics. He shared his insights about career prospects in Marketing and how students should prepare themselves with the relevant knowledge, skills, and attitude

Workshop on Business Analytics and E-Business

A five day Workshop on “Business Analytics and E – Business” for 3rd Semester MBA students was conducted in association with Makeintern & Echoes’ (IIM Kozhikode Event) from September 08, 2019 to September 12, 2019. The trainer for the 5-day program was Ms. Maneesha from Makeintern Institute.

The students were introduced to R, a programming language used by statisticians and data miners for data analysis.. Five students, selected by the trainer, were awarded the Merit certificates and given an opportunity to present business plan in IIM-Kozhikode at the Echoes’ 2019 event. This was the rarest of rare opportunity for the students of MBA.

Inauguration and Induction Program for I Semester MBA

An induction program for I Semester MBA students was organized from October 1to 9, 2019 over a period of five days. The purpose of the induction program was to facilitate a smooth transition to a post-graduate program and also emphasize on the various aspects of personality development.

Excel Training

Students of MBA gaining hands-on experience from the training session on “Advanced Excel”