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    This post was last updated on       January 15th, 2021


Summer Training/ Internship is an integral part of academic curriculum of a program and contributes a lot towards Professional development and corporate exposure.The Visweswaraya Technological University(VTU) curriculum requires all students to undertake a Summer Internship for a duration of 4 weeks on completion of their first year and a Dissertation to be carried out in the final semester of the MBA for a duration of 6 weeks.

BNMIT offers Internship Program which forms an integral component of education at BNMIT. It is an attempt to bridge the gap in the student’s perception between theory in books and practice in the corporate world.

The objective of the Internship Program is to understand and apply the theoretical concepts in a practical environment and develop a better comprehension of the Corporate and Professional environment. The Internship Program is aimed at helping the students acquire practical knowledge in their chosen specialization which they intend to pursue as a career.

Every student will be assigned a Faculty Guide at the beginning of the Internship Program. The role of the Faculty Guide is to enable the student to undertake a meaningful project, provide the necessary academic guidance, and to facilitate evaluation, with the aid of the company executives. The faculty guide would be involved at all stages of the Internship Program, beginning from ‘definition of the work content’ to project completion.

Every student works under the counsel of a company guide, who supervises and evaluates the performance of the student at every stage of the Internship Program and gives feedback to the faculty guide. It is the responsibility of the students to utilize the knowledge and experience of the company guide to complete the Internship Program.

Going a step ahead, International Internship is a great endeavour to assist students as they gain exposure to the way organizations function in other countries. They are also involved practically and get feedback which helps them in understanding their strengths and weaknesses. Our students can do International Internship in cities like Singapore (Auston Institute of Management), Repo Belarus and USA (University of Alabama).

Students have an opportunity to take up the Internship Program in India/Abroad as per the VTU norms.We, at BNMIT, provide all support to our students in terms of infrastructure and facilities needed for the successful completion of the Internship Program.

Some of the companies where our students have done their Summer Internship are:


Sl. No.Internship- Company Name
1Prestige Raffles Group-Manulife, Singapore
2Singapore Media Company, Singapore
3Max Life Insurance
7Triveni Turbines
8Gate Way Hotel
9ICICI Prudential
10Tele Tools Enterprises
11RWF (Rail Wheel Factory)
12Vivek Agro Foods
13Hinduja Global Solutions
14SreeThyagarajaCoopertive Bank
15Micro Labs
16Textile Coopertive Bank
17Jones Lang Lasalle(JLL)
18Suvarna News
19Gopalan Enterprises
20Sagar Hospitals