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    This post was last updated on       December 3rd, 2022

Dr. L. Vijayashree

Dr. L. Vijayashree is an expert in the area of Organizational Behaviour. She has done commendable research in Stress Management resulting in a cluster mapping model on Stress Management and Role Efficacy. She is passionate about Entrepreneurship Development and has done remarkably well in that too.

Her research publications in noted national and international journals are highly cited and she is on editorial board of various national and international journals of repute. Her contribution to academic literature also includes books for undergraduate students on Organizational Behaviour and Strategic Management.

Her continued interest in Stress Management is evident in her consultancy and associations. She has spearheaded Behavioural Initiatives for Administrative Officers of Govt. of Karnataka. She also takes interest in Leadership and Role Efficacy.

Her contribution to entrepreneurship development on campus is immense with her being at the helm of NewGen-IEDC and all initiatives under the aegis of NewGen-IEDC. In recognition of her contribution to Entrepreneurship development, she is appointed as a Committee member for MANTHAN at Federation of Karnataka Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FKCCI). She continues to inspire budding entrepreneurs through her lectures and talks.


Dr. Neetha Mahadev: 

Dr. Neetha Mahadev has extensive research experience in two disciplines: Organization behaviour and entrepreneurship.  As a researcher, her focus is on specific challenges faced by SME entrepreneurs and how the behavioural aspects moderate / aggravate them.

Besides contributing to the academic literature through her research publications in quality journals, she takes interest in policies and practices in the area of entrepreneurship and employee relations. She also adds gender and inclusiveness perspective in her studies.

From her internship days to her stint at NGOs, career in corporate and academics, PhD degree and thereafter, research has always been a part of her 20+ years of professional life. She has successfully executed funded research projects for Ford Foundation, Centre for Entrepreneurship Development of Karnataka (CEDOK) and Wipro Mission 10X. She intends to continue to engage in quality research that will by and large help the society


Dr. Mukund Sharma

Dr. Mukund Sharma’s area of research revolves around International finance, Taxation and Capital Market.  His doctoral research in the area of International financial Management analysed the currency exposure management practices followed by the business enterprises in India.His research interest also encompasses but is not restricted to capital market, housing finance and banking. His extensive research in the field of finance and banking has culminated into Nine text books. A book authored by him “Banking and Financial Services” is a recommended book of VTU and few other universities.

He has conducted training programs for executives in industry and has successfully executed funded research project for Wipro Mission 10X.


Dr. Bhavya Vikas

Dr. Bhavya Vikas has a rich research experience in the field of Microfinance. Her areas of research interest also include Banking, Investment and Mergers & Acquisitions. She has presented her views on Microfinance and International Financial Reporting Standards in several academic forums. She has submitted technical proposals on ‘Evaluation of Direct Benefit Transfer Scheme’ and ‘Pattern of Utilisation of loans availed by Self Help Groups’ to Karnataka Evaluation Authority, Government of Karnataka.She has authored a reference book on Microfinance by Canadian Academy Publishing, Canada, with ISBN: 987-1-926488-76-9.  Her interest in research has motivated her to publish extensively in reputed international peer-reviewed journals.


Sl.NoFaculty NameTitle of the PaperConference/SeminarDates
1.        Dr. Charithra C M, Dr. Bhavya VikasVolatility Analysis of Selected Stocks from Financial Services Sector for Pre And Post Covid-19International Virtual Conference on ‘Sustainable Development in search of New Development Model’March 26 & 27, 2022
2.        Mr. Santhosh K VRole of pre-employment stage of psychological contract in enhancing employability of job seekersInternational conference on Frontiers in Engineering, Management and ScienceApr 28th 2022
3.        Dr. Bhavya Vikas and Ms. Charithra C.M.Cross culture comparison on Financial stimulus in New world orderVirtual International conference on new order and its Implications on Business Dynamics1st  and 2nd  July, 2021
4.        Dr. Bhavya Vikas and Ms. Charithra C.M.A study on Green accounting with the help of triple bottom Line ApproachVirtual International conference on new order and its Implications on Business Dynamics1st  and 2nd  July, 2021
5.        Ms. Jasmine FrancisA study of Human Resource efficiency through emotional Intelligence and Life Skill facilitationNational level Research paper presentation organized by RNS Institute of Technology1st  July, 2021
6.        Ms. Charithra C.M.and Dr. Bhavya Vikas The Impact of Volatility on Returns from the Stock Market: The Case of Crude OilInternational Conference on Advances in Mechanical Engineering Sciences & Management (ICAMESM-2020)7th  to 9th  December, 2020
7        Dr. Bhavya Vikas Impact of Ergonomics on Work from Home (WFH) Productivity and Job Satisfaction during the Covid-19 Period”International Conference on ‘Transformation through Innovation and Sustainable Practices to Build Competitive Advantage’ organised by Jain Business School, Bangalore13th & 14th      August, 2020.
8      Dr. Bhavya VikasSignificance of Anticipatory Stage in the Formation of Psychological Contract for Effective Recruitments by Contemporary Organizations8th International Conference on ‘Contemporary Issues in Management’ organised by International School of Management Excellence, Bangalore on27th  & 28th February, 2020.
9        Dr. Bhavya Vikas and Ms. Charithra C.M.Venture Capital Financing and growth of Start-upsNational Seminar on ‘Indian Startups: issues, Challenges and Opportunities’ organized by the Dept. of Business Management, Sri. Padmavathi Mahila Visvavidyalayam, Tirupati.28th  & 29th  February 2020
10.        Dr. Kavya Shree K MRole of management education in entrepreneurship
development in India
3rd Annual Convention of ICBE and International conference on Global Entrepreneurship Emerging opportunities and challenges28th  & 29th , January 2019.
11       Dr. L. Vijayashree SumukhStudy on Mid-Career Crisis Among BPO Employees 5th International Conference for Accounting Researchers and Educators at Kelaniya, Srilanka.20th  December 2019
12.    Dr. Bhavya Vikas,Prevalence Of Burnouts: Relationship Between WRS And Ergonomics Among Academicians In Bengaluru, KaranatakaNational Conference on ‘Industry 4.0 & its implications on Businesses’ organised by Acharya Bangalore B-School.18th  October 2019
13.    Dr. Bhavya Vikas,Cognitive Ergonomics And Its Significance At Workplace For Business SustainabilityNational Conference on ‘Marketing in the Digital Era’ organised by Acharya Bangalore B-School on14th June, 2019.


14.    Dr. Bhavya Vikas,An explanatory study on Cognitive Ergonomics and its importance at workplace.National Conference on ‘Marketing in the Digital Era’ organised by Acharya Bangalore B-School on14th June, 2019.


15.    Mrs. Charithra C M,Comparative Analysis of Balance Sheet with reference to Multiple Special steel. Pvt. Ltd.,National Conference on Innovation in Management & Entrepreneurship organized by SJB Institute of Technology.


4th  May, 2019
16.    Dr. Bhavya Vikas


Optimum Portfolio Theory Comes of AgeNational Conference on ‘Innovations in Management & Entrepreneurship’ organised by SJB Institute of Technology, Bangalore4th  May,  2019
17.    Mrs. B.A KarpagamGreen marketing strategies to enhance sustainability and profitability of handloom silk in Karnataka2nd International Conference on Research in Business Management and Information Technology organized by RNS Institute of Technology, Bangalore25th and 26th April, 2019


18.    Mrs. B.A KarpagamUse of social media for marketing handloomsInternational Conference on Contemporary Innovations in Industry and Commerce (CIIC-2019) organized by

Department of Post Graduate Studies and Research in Commerce, Mangalore University, Mangalore

22nd and 23rd Feb, 2019
19.    Dr. Bhavya Vikas

Mrs. Charithra C.M.

Financial Performance Analysis of Orange County Resorts & AMP Hotels Ltd., Bangalore2 day International Conference on ‘Innovative Practices in Management and Entrepreneurship’ organised by BNMIT, Bangalore27th & 28th December, 2018.



20.    Dr. Bhavya Vikas

Mrs. Charithra C.M

Transmission of Stock Returns: Mean and Volatility Spillover Effects in Selected Stock Market2 day International Conference on ‘Innovative Practices in Management and Entrepreneurship’ organised by BNMIT, Bangalore27th & 28th December, 2018.


21.    Aditya Ranga M.

Deepika Jadav K.

Neetha Mahadev


Productive Agricultural Supply Chain Management in Selected Asian Countries2 day International Conference on ‘Innovative Practices in Management and Entrepreneurship’ organised by BNMIT, Bangalore27th & 28th December, 2018.


22.    Kishan M. R.

Neetha Mahadev


Impact of Content Marketing in Healthcare Industry2 day International Conference on ‘Innovative Practices in Management and Entrepreneurship’ organised by BNMIT, Bangalore27th & 28th December, 2018.


23.    Dr. Bhavya Vikas

Mrs. Charithra C.M

Crypto Currency- the rise of Digital CashA National Seminar on ‘Digital transformation Trends in Financial Services: Challenges and Opportunities’ Organised by Sri Padmavati Mahila Visvavidyalayam, Tirupati23rd  & 24th March , 2018.


24.    Mr. Bharath Bhushan B“Branding Strategies for IT Industries in Bangalore City”National Conference on Emerging Trends in Finance, Human Resource, Marketing and Entrepreneurship (NCFHME’18) held at M. Kumarasamy College of Engineering, Thalavapalyam- Karur16th March, 2018.
25.    Dr. Bhavya Vikas and Ms. Charithra C M“Convergence of Microfinance Institutions- A Study on Performance of Select MFIs”International Conference on Global Convergence of New Age Business Practices and Strategies organised by Mount Carmel College, Autonomous and Binary University, Malaysia1st  & 2nd  March, 2018
26.    Ms. Padma Bhaskar-


-“Sustainability Reporting- A tool for voluntary disclosure of non financial performance by the companies”National Conference on Strategic Decision Making- The role of Business Analytics ,Ramaiah Institute of Management31st  January, 2018


27.    Dr. Bhavya Vikas“Shattering the Glass Ceiling-the Woman Manager”National Conference on Shaping the Future: Digitize India! Startup India! Organised by Sai Vidya Institute of Technology, Bangalore20th  & 21st  April, 2017.


28.    Dr. L. Vijayashree

Mrs. K. Chellamma

“An Innovative way in recruitment using Social Media”International Conference on Trends in Innivation & Entrepreneurship sponsored by UGC & APSCHE at Sri. Padmavathi Mahila Visvavidyalam, Tirupati29th , 30th  & 31st  March 2017
29.    Mr. B.  Bharath Bhushan“Geo-Politics of Indian Ocean and its Impact on India”in the National Conference ‘Suprayoga’ organised by Global Institute of Technology, Bangalore23rd  March 2017
30.    Ms. A Ruth Priya,

Mr. Bharath Bhushan B  & Dr. K. Purushothaman

A Contemporary Issue on Eco-Friendly ConsumerismNational Conference on “Neoteric Advances and Predicaments in Business Environment” held at Global Academy of Technology, Dept. of MBA-Suprayoga-2017.23rd   March, 2017
31.    Dr. K. PurushothamanEnvironmental Governance & Its Impact on Sustainable GrowthInternational Conference- Fusion 2017 on Emgerging Trends in Governance for sustainable growth held at IFIM College, Bangalore10th  March 2017



Dr. Mukund Sharma

Demonetization and their impact on  Housing Sector”One day Inter-Disciplinary National Seminar28th February 2017
33.    Study on Impact of  Demonetization on Housing Sector in India”National Conference on “Impact of  Demonetization on Indian Economy” organized by the department of Commerce, at Sri Jagadguru Renukacharya college of Arts, Science22nd February 2017





Mr. Sridhar K

“Demonetization and their impact on Housing Sector” in one day Inter DisciplinaryNational Seminar on the theme – Demonetization in Emerging Digital Economy of India: Challenges and opportunities- A Convergent and Divergent perspective”   organized by Maharani Women’s Arts, Commerce and Management College, Bangalore28th February 2017
35.    “Achieveing excellence Management Education in the current Scenario”UGC sponsered two days National Conference on Strategies for achieving excellence in Business education  A global persepsective , organised by the Dept. of Commerece, APS college of Commerece, Bangalore.22nd & 23rd February 2017.
36.    “Study on Impact of  Demonetization on Housing Sector in India” National Conference on “Impact of  Demonetization on Indian Economy” organized by the department, Sri Jagadguru Renukacharya college of Arts, Science and Commerce


22nd February 2017
37.    Ms. Charithra C M &

Dr. Bhavya Vikas,

“Demonetization- A Comparative Analysis of Volatility between Nifty 50 and INR- USD Exchange Rate”National Conference on ‘Management of Demonetization: Challenges and Opportunities Ahead’ organised by Stanley College of Engineering and Technology for Women, Hyderabad,27th  & 28, February,



38.    Mr. Sridhar K,Study on Impact of  Demonetization on Housing Sector in India”National Conference on “Impact of  Demonetization on Indian Economy” organized by the department of Commerce, at Sri Jagadguru Renukacharya college of Arts, Science22nd February 2017
39.    Mrs. Chellamma KEffect of Demonetisation on India’s GDPNational Conference on “Business Opportunities and challenges in the cashless Era” at Smt. Danamma Channabasavaiah College of Arts, Commerce, Science & Management Studies, Kolar16th February 2017
40.    Dr. K. PurushothamanImpact Of Cashless Era On Small And Medium Enterprises


National Conference on “Business Opportunities and Challenges in the Cashless Era at Smt. Danamma Channabasavaiah College of Arts, Commerce, Science & Management Studies, Kolar16th February 2017
41.    Mr. Sridhar K,Performance Evaluation of Selected Private Sector Bank in IndiaNational Conference on “Role of Digital India in Make in India Campaign” organized by PES University, Bangalore.17th September 2016
42.    Dr. Mukund Sharma, Ms.Tripti Arvind,Diversity Management Practices Followed by Selected Information Technology Companies in India:  An empirical StudyInternational Conference on Management and Economics (ICME-2016)  at University of Ruhuna, Srilanka.


26th   August,2016
43.    Ms. Charithra C.M.A Study on Effectiveness of Performance Management with reference to Altran Technologies,National Conference on Recent Trends in Management, organised by the K S School of Engineering and Management6th May 2016
44.    Mr. BharathBhushan.BCorporate Social Responsibilities and Sustainable Practices”UGC Sponsored International Seminar on “ Corporate Social Responsibility Initiatives for Inclusive and Sustainable Development19th  and 21st  February 2016
45.Dr. Mukund SharmaAn Empirical Test of Efficiency of Exchange Traded Currency Futures in India5th India Finance Conference organised by IIM, Kolkata17th -19th  December 2015
46.Dr. Mukund SharmaAn Empirical Investigation into Use of Exchange Traded Currency Options among Indian Exporters4th International Conference on Management and Economics organised by Faculty of Management and Finance, University of Ruhuna, Srilanka27th  and 28th  August 2015
47.Dr. S.K. Prasad

Mrs. Neetha Mahadev

Innovative, Integrated and Inclusive Management Pedagogy: A Case Study of Leveraging MOOCs with Main StreamIndian Management Conclave held at Indian School of Business29th -30th July, 2015
48.Mr. Sridhar.K.Recent Trends in Selected Balanced Mutual Fund Schemes in IndiaNational Conference on Recent Trends in Management organised by K.S.School of Engineering and Management28th May 2015
49.Mr Sridhar.K  and   Mr Bharath Bhushan. BA Study on Corporate Social Responsibility Initiatives of Wipro LimitedInternational Conference on “Research in Business Management and Information Technology” organised by RNSIT29th  and 30th   April, 2015
50.Dr.L. Vijayashree & Ms. A .RuthPriyaA Empirical Study on Social Networking Sites and their Perceived BenefitsNational Conference on Transformational Excellence in Entrepreneurship and Management organised by Sree Saastha Institute of  Engineering and Technology with NFED.31st   March,2015
51.Mr. Sridhar.K. & Mr. Bharath

Bhushan. B.

Past, Present and Future of Management Education in IndiaRPES National Conference6th and 7th March 2015.


52.Ms. TriptiArvind &

Ms. Charithra. C.M

Employee Job Satisfaction in Helios &MathesonNational level HR Conference organised by  Christ University6thMarch 2015
53.    Mr. Sridhar.KA Study on Performance Evaluation of Housing Finance Institutions in Karnataka-A Literature ReviewInternational Conference on “Challenges and Opportunities for Developing Sustainable RUBAN Society”  organised by DayanandaSagar Business Academy,13th and 14th February 2015
54.    Mr. Bharath Bhushan BManagement Education in India – Current Scenario and the Way ForwardInternational Conference organised by K.S.Hedge Institute of Management29th  and 30th  December 2014.
55.Mr. Sridhar.K.A Study on the Role of GFSPL in Development of Women Entrepreneurs and their Success Stories6th National Conference organised by SJBIT6th November 2014