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    This post was last updated on       December 8th, 2021

Dr. Charithra C M

Designation : Asst. Professor

Area of specialization : Statistics, QT and Finance

Date of Joining BNMIT : 12/09/2011

Nature of Association : Regular

E-mail Id : charithracm@bnmit.in

No. of years of Experience : 10.5 Years


DegreeInstitutionMonth & Year of Passing
Ph.D  VTU2021
M.B.ADepartment of MBA, BIT, VTU2011
B.EVivekananda College of Engineering, VTU2009

Experience: 10.5 years

SI. No.DesignationInstitutionDuration
1Asst. Professor Dept. of Management StudiesBNMIT, Bangalore, India2011 – Till date
  • BOE Member, Management Studies (UG and PG), Dayanand Sagar University for the academic year 2015-16 and 2016-17
  • Member, Anti- Ragging Committee 2019-20, BNMIT
  • Department Coordinator for the Website development
  • In charge of Student Skill Development Programs at the Department

Expertise/Subjects handled

  • Business Statistics and Analytics
  • Statistics for Managers
  • Quantitative Techniques
  • Quantitative methods-I
  • Quantitative Methods-II
  • Operations Management
  • Entrepreurship Management
  • Supply Chain management
  • Investment Management
  • Risk management and Insurance
  • Research Methods
  • Business Analytics
  • Investment Management and Financial Services
  • Banking and Financial Services

Software’s Handled

  • TORA for Quantitative Techniques
  • SPSS
  • E- views

Research Interest :

  1. Behavioral Finance (Pursuing PhD in the topic “Stock Market volatility and Spill over effect in selected developed and developing Asian markets” Under VTU)

Journal Publications

  1. Article on “Relationship between Exchange Rate and Stock Market Volatility in India : An Empirical Analysis” accepted for publication in Indian Institute of Finance, Scopus indexed, Dec 2021, (Vol XXXV No 4)
  2. Published an article entitled “Determination Of Optimal Investment Strategy Using Technical Analysis” in International Journal of Management, Technology And Engineering, Volume X, Issue IX, SEPTEMBER/2020, ISSN NO : 2249-7455, p 12-24.
  3. Published an article entitled “How Rewarding is Technical Analysis: Evidence from IT and FMCG Sector” in International Journal of Management, Technology And Engineering, Volume X, Issue IX, SEPTEMBER/2020, ISSN NO : 2249-7455, p 25-32.
  4. The effect of Global Linkages on Stock Market Volatility : A study on selected Developed and Developing, in MERC Global’s International Journal of Management, Volume 7, Issue 4, October 2019, ISSN: 2321-7278
  5. A Study on Risk and Return Analysis of selected Financial Services Companies Listed on NSE, , International Education and Research Journal, Volume 5, Issue 7, ISSN: 2454-9916.
  6. Equity Research Using Technical Analysis , International Journal of Research and Innovation in Social Science |Volume III, Issue VII, ISSN 2454-6186
  7. A Study on Risk and Return Analysis and Data Envelopment Analysis Srusti Management Review- A journal of Management & IT, Volume – Xl | Issue – II | July – December 2018, ISSN: 0974-4274.


  1. International
    • “Financial Performance Analysis of Orange County Resorts & AMP Hotels Ltd., Bangalore” a 2 day International Conference on ‘Innovative Practices in Management and Entrepreneurship’ organised by BNMIT, Bangalore on December 27 & 28, 2018.
    • “Transmission of Stock Returns: Mean and Volatility Spill over Effects in Selected Stock Market” a 2 day International Conference on ‘Innovative Practices in Management and Entrepreneurship’ organised by BNMIT, Bangalore on December 27 & 28, 2018.
    • Convergence of Microfinance Institutions- A Study on Performance of Select MFIs A two day International Conference on Global Convergence of New Age Business Practices and Strategies organised by Mount Carmel College, Autonomous and Binary University, Malaysia on March 1 & 2, 2018.
    • Employee Job Satisfaction in Helios &Matheson , An International Conference at Christ University, Bangalore on 6th March 2015.
    • Impact of Union Elections on Stock Volatility An International Conference at SDM, Mysore on 22nd and 23rd August 2014.
  2. National
    • Venture Capital financing and growth of start-ups National Seminar on ‘Indian Startups: Issues, Challenges and Opportunities’ organised by Sri Padmavati Mahila Visvavidyalayam, Tirupati on February 28 &29, 2020.
    • Comparative Analysis of Balance Sheet with reference to Multiple Special steel. Pvt. Ltd., , , A National Conference on Innovation in Management & Entrepreneurship at SJB Institute of Technology on 4th May 2019
    • Crypto Currency- the rise of Digital Cash A National Seminar on ‘Digital transformation Trends in Financial Services: Challenges and Opportunities’ Organised by Sri Padmavati Mahila Visvavidyalayam, Tirupati on March 23 & 24, 2018.
    • A Study on GST awareness among the General Public in Bangalore, A National Conference at Davengere University on 13th April 2017
    • Demonetization- A Comparative Analysis of Volatility between Nifty 50 and INR-USD Exchange rates, A 2 day National Conference at Stanley College of Engineering on 27th and 28th Feb 2017
    • A Study on effectiveness of Performance Management with reference to Altran Technologies, Bangalore,A National Conference at KSSEM on May 6th 2016.

Sports : Played District level Badminton tournament


  1. Completed online certification course on “Introduction to Financial Markets ” in the month of September 2020 from ISB, on Coursera for digital platform
  2. Completed Six Sigma Green Belt online certification from May 3 to May 12, 2020 organized by Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises-Technology Development Center, Government of India.
  3. Completed Six Sigma Yellow Belt online certification from April 11 to April 12, 2020 organized by Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises-Technology Development Center, Government of India.
  4. Completed online certification course on “Financial Markets and Investment” in the month of April 2020 from Globsyn Business School, a global platform for digital learning.

Workshops and FDP’s Attended

  1. Participated in six days online FDP on “Risk Management for Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) organized by SSN School of Management & AICTE from 21 to 26th September, 2020
  2. Participated in a Webinar on “Innovations in the Indian Financial Markets” on 26th August Organized by IIMT and Finmark Traders Pvt. Ltd.
  3. Participated in a Faculty Development program on “Selection of right statistical Methods for data analysis” on 17th July organized by BIMS, Bangalore
  4. Participated in a National Level Webinar on “How to write Research Papers and Publish in International Journals” on 9th July 2020 Organized by Dr. AIT, Bangalore
  5. Participated in a Webinar “Evolve: A shift in thinking” on 25th and 26th June 2020,orgaised by Modern college of Engineering
  6. Participated in a 2 week Faculty Development program on” Research Publication and Funding “ from8th to 19th June 2020 organized by BMS College of Engineering.
  7. Participated in a five day National Workshop on “ Outcome based Education and NBA accreditation” ,  Sponsored by VTU- TEQIP 1.3 at Jyothy Institute of Technology from Jan 13- Jan 18, 2020.
  8. Participated a 3 day FDP on “MS Excel”, Organized by B.N.M Institute of Technology, Bangalore from July 30 –August 1, 2019.
  9. Participated in 10 day Faculty Development Programme on “Transcending Language Skills”, Organized by B.N.M Institute of Technology, Bangalore from July 15-July 25, 2019.
  10. Participated in a 1 day Industry Academia Interface on “Imperatives of Engineering Education: Enhancing skills and Employability”, held on July 19, 2019.
  11. Participated in 4 day FDP on “Data Science- Impact on Business Decisions”, organized by M S Ramaiah Institute of Technology, from April 10-13, 2018.
  12. Participated in 3 day FDP on “ Econometrics for Financial Research “ held at BNMIT from 29th to 30th Jan 2018
  13. Participated in “ IEEE Awareness workshop on Accreditation in Engineering Education” held at BMSCE on 3rd July 2017
  14. Participated in “ Research Themes in Finance and Econometrics for Research in Finance” , a FDP held at RVIM on 27th April 2017
  15. Participated in “ Affordable IPR”  conference  held at KAASIA on March 9th 2017
  16. Participated in “ Teachers for Catalysts for Change” a one day workshop on 21st Jan 2017
  17. Participated in “ Research Methodology and Latex”  a three day workshop organized by VTU e- learning centre from 21st to 23rd December 2016.
  18. Participated in “Competency Mapping and Competency Development Workshop” 2 day workshop on 2nd and 3rd December 2016.
  19. Participated in “ Innovative Teaching Methods” a 6 day QIP organized by NITTTR from 18th July to 23rd July 2016
  20. Participated in “ 360 degree Approach to Competency Enhancement of Management Faculty” 5 day FDP from 11th to 16th July 2016
  21. Participated in “ Econometrics for Business Research” a 2 day FDP organized by Kristu Jayanthi College on 11th and 12th March 2016
  22. Participated in “IPR’s- Significance for  Academia in Business & Research “ FDP on 20th August 2015
  23. Participated in “ NBA Awareness Programme” conducted by BMS College of Engineering in association with VTU on 21st July 2015-
  24. Participated in “Supply Chain Management: Best practices and Challenges.” A 2 day workshop organized by BNMIT on 19th and 20th March 2015.
  25. Participated in “Entrepreneurship Development Program”, a 5 day workshop organized by BNMIT.  27th to 31st Jan 2015
  26. Participated in “Business Analytics “Workshop at VTU Regional Office, Bangalore on 6th September 2014
  27. Participated in “Lean Six Sigma” A One day workshop organized at FKCCI, on 4th April 2014
  28. Participated in “Business Analytics”, A one day training program provided by MSME On 13th December 2014.
  29. Participated in “Pedagogy for Revised Second Semester MBA Subjects and Skill based questions (Quantitative methods-II) at PESIT on 6th April 2013
  30. Participated in “Data Analysis using advanced statistical tools”, 3 day workshop organized by BMS College of Engineering , from 28th to 1st March 2013
  31. Participated in Innovative Teaching and Effective Communication from 18th to 20th July 2012
  32. Participated in “Research for Aspirants”, 3 day workshop program organized by PESIT from 23rd to 25th Jan 2012
  33. Participated in  a workshop on Pedagogy for  Revised  First Semester MBA Subjects( Quantitative methods-I)at PESIT on 13th October 2012.