Management Clubs

HR Club

The HR Club promotes human resources-related activities for the students of HR Specialisation. Events like Psychometric Santhe in association with NHRD, Panel Discussions, NHRD Project Swayamvar have been organised. The students put up stalls for Experiential learning to test the participants on Loco inventory, Life experience inventory, Leadership styles, Role efficacy, Rods-scale, Personal effectiveness, Coping with stress.

Marketing Club

The Marketing Club organised a Rural Market at Siddaganga Mutt Fair, Tumkur District. MBA students took keen interest in selling their products to the visitors of Siddaganga Mutt Fair, Tumkur District. Three groups namely Panchayati Pandavaru, Santhege Savaal and Godhulee invested Rs.500 each and the remaining two teams namely Raithara Mithra and Grahakara Bandhu invested Rs.300 each. The total investment of the 5 groups amounted to Rs. 2100 and the earnings at earned at the end of the activity was Rs. 4000. The aim of the visit was to provide a practical exposure to the students about scope and challenges in Rural Marketing.

Finance Club

The Finance Club promotes finance-related activities for the students of Finance Specialisation. It caters to a wide variety of finance-related interests, particularly investment banking, sales and trading, private wealth management, and corporate finance. Activities planned under the club includes mock stock trading, guest lecture from experts from the industry, tutorial classes on e-views, TED talks related to Investment & Banking, Movies related to stock market, finance quiz, crossword puzzles etc.