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    This post was last updated on       January 6th, 2022

1. Design Thinking

2. How to start your Entrepreneurial Journey?

Course Outline & Learning Objectives

Phase 1: Journey of Entrepreneurship-Programme introduction, overview and expectation setting, Entrepreneurial values and purpose, uncertainty and other struggles.

Ideas lab-creation of ideas workshop

Phase 2: Problem/user identification ad validation- Problem/opportunity identification, Customer /User arch typing, Value proposition, Problem/ Customer validation.

Group/ Team validation: 5 ideas exhibition with valid market need identification in front of entrepreneurs.

Phase 3: Solution development, Testing and iteration-Lean methodology in solution development, Design Thinking/ Innovation, Solution Prototyping, Solution Testing and feedback.

Prodothon –Live mentor assisted one day prototype demo day.

Phase 4: Business Modeling and Pitching-Introduction, Business Modeling-market /customer segmentation, Business modeling- Channels and partners, resources and activities, Cost structures and Revenue Models, Business pitch, Pricing, Go to market strategy and Scalability.