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Cultural Club



To identify and nurture inherent talent among students and provide a platform to exhibit their skills in various forms of Art.


Create opportunity to participate in art forms such as ABHINAYA( Theatre), NAATYA (Dance), SANGEETHA (Music), FINEARTS (Painting, Sketching, Collage, Rangoli etc.) and LITERARY EVENTS ( Quiz, Debate, Elocution etc). at Intra college, Inter college and university level to provide students multitude of exposure and experience.

Achieve excellence in art forms by multitasking and work as a team building positive relationships among students.


The facilities provided by the club are :

> Well-equipped audio-video studio for recording,
> Musical instruments (e.g.: Thabla, Rhythm Pad, Keyboard etc.), for practice and performances
> A well equipped auditorium for practicing and showcasing performance.
> Training from professionals to develop advanced skills and techniques for performing in cultural festivals.


KALA BHAGEERATHI, the cultural forum of BNMIT identifies and nurtures inherent talent among students and provides a platform to exhibit their skills in various fields like ABHINAYA, NAATYA, SANGEETHA, FINEARTS and LITERARY EVENTS.

The cultural team under the guidance of Prof N Sheshaprasad, Dept of ECE, and his team, with ample support from the management has excelled in all its endeavors.

“KALA BHAGEERATHI” student members are invited to perform music and dance concerts during Ramanavami day celebrations at Dharmagiri Manjunatha temple every year.

KALA BHAGEERATHI conducts ‘BNM IDOL’ competition, where the best singers of BNMIT compete for the elite title. The winner holds the title for one full year till next competition.


2005 – Chinmay Athreyas – ISE Dept
2007 – Yashaswini – CSE Dept
2008 – Amith SS – ECE Dept
2009 – Anjana P Rao – TCE Dept
2010 – Krishna T V – ECE Dept
2011 – Krittika Raghunathan – TCE Dept
2012 – Varshini Koushi – ISE Dept
2013 – Eshwar.S – CSE Dept
2014 – Namratha Simha – ISE Dept
2015 – Kavana.V – TCE Dept
2016 – Adithi.M – TCE Dept
2017 – Deepak – CSE Dept
2018 – Rahul Niranjan – CSE Dept
2019 – Dyuthi S Jahagirdar – CSE Dept

The BNMIT cultural team has always given tough competition at the university youth festivals, which is the biggest event of the year where almost all Engineering colleges in the Karnataka state under VTU participate, every year.

In 2015, Our Team participated in the VTU Cultural Festival held at VTU Campus, Belgaum and won the following Medals. 3 Gold medals – Light Vocal Solo, Classical Vocal Solo, Photography and 5 Bronze medals – Skit, Instrumental, Indian Group song, Folk Orchestra and Classical Dance. Our college team was declared Second Runners up among 153 Colleges that participated.

In 2016, Our Team participated in the VTU Cultural Festival held at Alvas college of engineering, Mudabidri, from 7th to 10th May, 2016 and won the following Medals. 2 Gold medals 7 Silver Medals and 1 Bronze medal. Our college team was declared Second Runners up among 85 Colleges that participated.

In 2017, Our Team participated in the VTU Cultural Festival and won 2 Gold, 2 Silver and 1 Bronze medal and placing BNMIT in the 4th Position among 95 participated colleges in VTU Youth Festival held at Sir.MVIT Premises, Bangalore, which was held from 16th to 19th March 2017.

In 2018, Our team won 2 Gold and 5 Bronze medals and 4th Position among 85 participated colleges in State Level VTU Youth Festival held at Angadi Engineering College Premises, Belagavi, which was held from 11th to 13th April 2018.

Besides the VTU fest, our students have bagged many prizes in various inter collegiate cultural festivals organized by engineering colleges.

The very opportunity to participate at the university level provides each one of the students, a multitude of exposure and experience. The Kala Bhageerathi students perform in multiple art forms and work as a team. The entire experience is enriching and plays a unique role in BNMIT’s efforts to go beyond academics. A very heartening note about Kala Bhageerathi is that most participants are distinction holders proving that extracurricular activities do not come in the way of good academic performance.

Events conducted under Kalabhageerathi every year.


>> Classical vocal (solo)
>> Western vocal (Solo)
>> Indian group song
>> Western group song
>> Light vocal (solo)
>> Indian Group Dance
>> Classical dance
>> Contemporary/ Free style
>> Mad Ads
>> Cartooning
>> Painting
>> Rangoli
>> Collage
>> BNM Idol
>> Debate Competition
>> Photography


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In 2019 our team won 5 Gold, 1 Silver and 1 Bronze medal placing BNMIT in the 3rd Position among 102 participated colleges under VTU in the 20th State Level VTU Youth Festival held at SDM College of Engineering, Dharawad,  from 6th to 9th November 2019.

In 2018 Our team won 8 Gold , 1 Silver and 4 Bronze medals and placing BNMIT in the Top Position among all colleges of Karnataka in State Level VTU Youth Festival held at BKIT College, Bidar, from 2nd to 4th November 2018..