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The Training methodology is consistent with the mission of the Institution as it contributes to the society through innovative and quality education.

Training & Placement Department has a broad based mission of grooming students with soft skills, technical skills, leadership qualities and team spirit. It also aims at shaping the student’s career and social life.

The training encompasses the following niche skills required for the overall development of students:

1) Communicative English:  This programme instills confidence in the students. Participating in several activities like role plays, impromptus and GDs help them to make oral presentations fearlessly. This, in turn, builds their leadership qualities and team spirit. They learn to socialize and become valued citizens in tune with the corporate culture.

2) Soft skills training: Interacting in mock sessions, making presentations, and tackling difficult interview questions groom the students to be achievers. Students are also advised on career planning and opportunities for higher studies abroad.

3) Aptitude training: This training creates enthusiasm in students and builds their confidence through tests, revision and discussion in the class. Solving quantitative, analytical, and logical reasoning problems, builds the required competence.

The programme conducted by the department of training and placement is independent of the university curriculum. The Programme and curriculum of the department is prepared by using our methodology and assessment as required by the competitive environment in corporate sector. We identify the gaps and bridge them with our programme.

Training and Placement is designed to achieve excellence in communication and meet the requirements of stakeholders. At the same time it achieves the Mission of the department as well as that of the Institution.

This is achieved by the following training programmes:

  • Industry Interaction
  • Infosys campus connect programme
  • Training programme
  • Mock test