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Electrical Engineering… looking ahead
August 31, 2021
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September 15, 2021
    This post was last updated on       September 03rd, 2021

Jeevan Aditya, a recently graduated BNMITian will soon be jetting off to the University of Minnesota to pursue a master’s degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering (VLSI).

Meet Jeevan Aditya, an outgoing student from BNMIT, who has bagged offers from five top US Universities for higher studies. Jeevan has made it through Georgia Tech (Georgia Institute of Technology), Purdue University, University of Colorado Boulder, University of Minnesota, and University of Southern California. The recently graduated BNMITian has decided on Minnesota as his home for the next two years.

Jeevan will complete master’s degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering – VLSI Design from the university.

‘I chose University of Minnesota because it has a reputation in VLSI Design and good assistance for the placements,’ says the 21-year-old.

Very large-scale integration, commonly known as VLSI Design, is the process of creating an integrated circuit by combining millions of transistors onto a single chip. According to Jeevan, with all the new technologies such as Internet of Things, Machine Learning, AI, and Block Chains that require a platform to run, the VLSI sector has huge potential for growth and advancements in the days to come.

His first exposure to this course was when Jeevan participated in a Skill Development Program (SDP) titled ‘Design and Verification using VeriLog HDL’ organised by his college, and he got hooked on. ‘The programme included a number of hardware projects design processes, including VeriLog. After completing this programme, I went on to do internships with multiple companies in VLSI Design and got opportunities to work with a wide range of hardware designs and explored different dimensions of this technology. With all this experience and my interest to create new hardware chips for a better future, I felt it right to do my masters in this field,’ says Jeevan.

A movie enthusiast and cricket lover, Jeevan is not too worried about the future and believes in setting short-term goals and achieving them. The dream for any electronics engineer would be to design a chip for some of the top companies, and Jeevan is no different.

‘I want to learn as much as possible at the University and later, be a part of a reputed company’s workforce. All I desire is to work on a technology that in turn, works for the collective good of people. When it comes to BNMIT, though I keep complaining about the size of the campus, but the truth is that this campus is my second home. My teachers here kept guiding me throughout the admission process. I feel short of words to express my gratitude towards them,’ adds Jeevan, who is all set to get on the Minnesota voyage.

A word of caution…

If you are a student who aspires to land at a reputed US university’s campus, here is a word of caution by the young achiever.

‘Be passionate about the field you choose to study or work in and research the schools and the course you are planning to take before on-boarding. A good GRE and TOEFL score along with a decent profile which includes SoP, LoR, good CGPA, projects, publications, internships or work experience is sufficient to show your interest and dedication. Give yourself ample time to apply for the universities and keep in touch with them after submitting the application,’ Jeevan signs off.