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Embarking Upon a New Journey
September 3, 2021
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September 24, 2021
    This post was last updated on       September 17th, 2021

After graduating from an engineering or a management course, while most people treasure a secured job matching their qualifications, here are some stunning acts of alternate career shifts from BNMIT campus.

Pranav Anand Krishnagiri (on left) and Shashank Yadav (on right) followed their hearts and decided in favour of feeling alive rather than being on the rat wheel.

Feel your profession is something that you need to suffer through? Well, there is no such rule! Work can be fun, engaging, rewarding, fulfilling and life-affirming – all at the same time.

The pandemic has made many of us re-evaluate our lives and careers. And, while embarking on a new career path or choosing a track entirely different from your background can be a daunting experience, the desire to have meaningful engagement at work is driving many millennials towards a career change. Let us introduce you to two such BNMIT alumni, who worked towards reconciling their work with their passion, and the outcomes have been truly worthwhile.

The MBA career switch

Meet Shashank Yadav, an MBA graduate from BNMIT. Shashank completed his MBA degree in 2013 and joined an MNC as a marketing professional. But this young Delhiite had his heart and mind set on a career that involved cars and racing.

‘Cars have excited me since my childhood. While I took an MNC job, my hunger for driving and passion for machines stayed on. So much so, that although I was working with a reputed company on a sizable renumeration, I had my eyes on the notice boards of a handful of organizations that could help my career and passion dovetail,’ recalls Shashank, whose persistence and hard work paid off when he landed himself a job at Cougar Motorsport, an organization into luxury driving expeditions. Shashank joined the company as an event organizer for extreme off-road events.

Shashank organizes events spread across the country and is enjoying his love for machines and travel. ‘I cannot think of any other career option that could make my work and passion dovetail to this extent. I know that there will be no corporate ladder to climb and no hierarchy to follow. I will be doing the same work I do today even 10 years down the line. But I will be happy. If you are working for your passion, you will never feel like you are at a job,’ says Shashank.

Apart from extreme off-road events, Shashank also organizes and participates in self-driving expeditions for driving enthusiasts who join the events in their highly modified machines and brave difficult terrain and routes.

A flying engineer

While Shashank is winning on the wheels, Pranav Anand Krishnagiri, a Computer Science engineer from BNMIT, quite literally, took to the wings to follow his passion. Pranav, who completed his Bachelor of Engineering in 2016 is now a pilot with IndiGo Airline.

‘Becoming a pilot was a long-held dream. I took up engineering as technical background is considered a good base for any career. It also provides something to fall back on. After my degree, instead of sitting for college placements, I went for an interview with IndiGO Airline, cracked it at first go and joined their training to realize my dream,’ says Pranav.

Ask the young pilot, who has already logged over 1300 flying hours, about his takeaway from his days at the campus; he has unexpected feedback.

‘Flying is a tricky job, and it puts a lot of stress. Engineering does the same to you. I have learnt how to manage stress from my days at BNMIT campus,’ adds Pranav.

Why flying as a career?

Imagine, a four kilometre of stretch that can take you to any part of the world in 24 hours. According to Pranav, nothing else, with the current technology, can achieve this. ‘When I am sitting in the cockpit and pushing the thrust lever, the roar I get from the engines is like music to my ears,’ says a visibly charged Pranav, who desires to become a designated examiner.

Although the two BNMIT graduates are poles apart in career interests, they have one common advice to all those with their hearts set on a different career path.

‘No matter how much work it takes, you’ll find that, in the end, changing your career path to pursue your passion will lead you to greater happiness and fulfilment.’