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Faculty Development Programmes (FDPs)

Faculty Development Programmes (FDPs)

    This post was last updated on       January 22nd, 2021

The Department of Computer Science and Engineering conducts Workshops, Faculty Development Programme and Conferences in various specialized topics and recent developments in the areas of Computer Science and Engineering. Such programmes act as a leading forum for sharing of original practical development experiences among academicians & technocrats / Industry experts.

A Virtual Webinar Series on ‘Research Frontiers in Intelligent Computing’ conducted during 25th to 3rd July 2020.


An FDP on ‘IoT and AI in Robotic Automations’ Conducted during 24th to 28th June 2019

An FDP on ‘Biomedical Signal Processing’ Conducted during 11th to 15th June 2018

An FDP on ‘Research Frontiers in Networking-A Tool Driven Approach’ Conducted during 16th to 21st January 2017

An FDP on ‘IBM Bluemix for IoT and Security’ Conducted during 11th to 16th July 2016

An FDP on ‘Machine Learning’ Conducted during 18th to 23rd January 2016

An FDP on ‘Storage Area Networks’ Conducted during 19th to 23rd January 2015

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