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Introduction to Product Management & Entrepreneurship

Introduction to Product Management & Entrepreneurship

A guest lecture on “Introduction to product management & entrepreneurship” was conducted for 1st semester MBA students on 6th Feb 2021.  The speaker Mr.Kartik Suryanarayan, a Product Manager, experienced in B2B, Enterprise Tech, Product Strategy, and a model gave an insightful session to the students.

The curtain raiser was with a video of Beethoven’s 9-Chicago symphony orchestra- Riccardo; to explain how Mr. Riccardo had multi- sync with all the musical instruments to create a beautiful melody similarly product managers sync departments to achieve the goal.

The speaker decides to conduct an activity; The topic was “know your product.” Then he divided the whole class into 5 groups and asked for volunteers from each group, instructed the group to discuss and select the problem which common people face in their day to day life. He also mentions elements which should be discussed among the members of the group, they are: – solutions of the problem, advertisement, channels, customer segments, cost structure and finally revenue of product and services.

The topics chosen by students were; traffic problems, misuse of technology, pollution, the rise of petrol prices, and garbage issues.

He asked students to brainstorm within the group and present their ideas. He listened carefully to the presentation; on the spot, Mr. Kartik explains the positive and negative aspects of the product and services.

He started to note down the points in the lean canvas model where he was jotting down the problem and possible solutions. Lean canvas model is feasible for new products and to develop new markets for existing products business canvas model can be used.

He conducts this activity, so the student can understand the way, the product manager or entrepreneur should plan to succeed. Students were very enthusiastic and energetic throughout the session.

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