Innovative Project Lab

Workshops, technical talks, industrial tours widen the students learning perspective in addition to bringing out the importance of adapting to changes in technology and aid them to keep abreast with technology. The ED cell regularly organizes workshops, technical talks, industry tours and project exhibitions.

Nurturing the innovative ideas of students has paved way for product development and increase in the number of entrepreneurs from institute. Innovative project lab is unique initiative to nurture the budding engineers. Students are at liberty to conceptualize, design and implement solutions to societal problems with concerns for  environment. Selected projects are converted into product prototypes under the guidance of ED cell.


The IPL Competition details are as follows:-

IPL Summer Competition 2019
IPL Winter Competition 2018
IPL Summer Competition 2018
IPL Winter Competition 2017
IPL Summer Competition 2017
IPL Winter Competition 2016
IPL Summer Competition 2016
IPL Winter Competition 2015
IPL Summer Competition 2015