Idea competition Links

1. Idea/PoC Title: Automatic Waste Segregator

Abstract of Idea/PoC: The main objective of this project is to design a system using Arm microcontroller LPC2148 for automatic segregation of waste into wet, metal & dry at source. It includes different partitions for collection of different wastes using sensors, with LCD display which updates the status of the bin. The bin uses a vacuum cleaning mechanism for cleaning purpose along with a predefined path. Robotic arm is used for pick and place of waste. If the bin is full, a message is sent through GSM. This bin is useful at places like offices, apartments, shopping malls etc., making Waste Management automated.

Video of Team Introduction and Idea/PoC:

2. Idea/PoC Title: Intellicopter – The rescue drone

Abstract of Idea: Heavy rains and natural disasters cause accident prone areas and high-altitude regions to be highly difficult for humans to explore, and during a rescue mission in these regions, stranded humans and animals may be difficult to locate due to poor accessibility. 

The on-board gyroscope and accelerometer add stability to the flight, and establishment of 4G connectivity between Intellicopter and Base makes it possible to stream video over greater distance easily. 

The Video transferred is processed to recognize the objects and feature extraction takes place. There are certain steps for preprocessing that is applied to the images; concepts of Image Conversions such as color space manipulation, segmentation is applied to the image to detect Humans in the frame. When a desirable object is recognized, the image is saved along with its time stamp.

Sectors of Focus: Drone Flight, Long Range Communication, Image Processing

3. Idea/PoC Title: Development and Fabrication of Organic Waste Converter.

Abstract of Idea:

This project aims at designing an organic waste converter, which is easy to use, ergonomic in nature, visually appealing and cost-effective. The designed organic waste converter consists of a separate chamber for blade cutter assembly (runs with help of an AC motor) and a compressor unit which runs on rechargeable 12V DC battery. The billets are formed in cubicle shapes, which are used for the purpose of composting this helps in reducing the volume of the organic waste at the source itself. A simple mechanism allows the user to maintain cleanliness. Testers appreciated the product for its aesthetics, easy mechanism, easy handling, easy maintenance, etc.

Sector of Focus (Theme): Municipal Solid Waste.