(NEWGEN IEDC): 2017-22 

Implemented, Coordinated and Managed by:

Entrepreneurship Development Institute of India (EDII), Ahmedabad

 Under the aegis of:

National Science & Technology Entrepreneurship Development Board (NSTEDB)

DST, Govt. of India


BNMIT – Entrepreneurship Development Cell received a  NewGen IEDC grant  of Rs.2.87 crores from Department of Science and Technology, Government of  India. 

New Generation Innovation and entrepreneurship development Centre programme (NewGen IEDC) is launched by National Science and technology Entrepreneurship  Development Board (NSTEDB), Department of Science and Technology (DST), Government of India, to hand hold young entrepreneurs in campus to develop their prototypes. 

BNMIT is one among 178 colleges//Universities across India to submit the proposal for New Gen IEDC and the only Institute in Karnataka to receive this grant in the year 2017-18 from Department of Science and Technology.  

NewGen-IEDC Projects 2018-19

Aditya Mijar Shenoy Someshwar S Nagpoojith B R Piyush R Golecha with their mentors Dr. Mukesh Patil, Mr. Harish


Bramha. S. P Chinmai. L Abilesh. M Akilesh. M with their mentor Mrs. Madhura Prakash 


Manu K J, MurudeshwarBarole, Nama VenkataNagasukesh and Nihaarika A Jagadish with their mentors Dr. Sejal Santosh, Ms. Shraddha P


Syed Abrar and Swathi M Kushal S with their mentors Ms. Priyashree and Mr. Sujith


Work carried out by Raghavendra D S, Rishabh Bhansali and Vishnu Prasad Bhat with their mentor Dr. Jyoti RM and Mrs.Sumati


Ashith R C and ApoorvaP.S with their mentor Ms. Chaitra N


Nishanth P.M and Tanish Islam with their mentors Dr. Yashajyothi and Ms.Priya


Ankitha S, Raksha H, Namitha G and Daniel CMathew with their mentors Smt. Sneha K and Smt. Manikantha


Aslesh Kumar A, Raghuveer S Bhat, Shwetha S and Alagar Krishna B with their mentors Dr. R V Parimala and Dr. Venkatesh


Mohamed Safeeulla, Shashank T, Suparna Bose and Sushmitha with their mentors Smt. Madhu and Smt. Savitha


Deeksha More E K, Divya S, Kalyani G and Gouthami R with their mentors Dr.P A Vijaya and Dr. P Rekha


Work carried out by Jayanth S R, Ramalingeshwara H, ZubairNabi War and Sudeep S Rao with their mentor Dr. B S Anil Kumar 


Monisha S, Shrinivasa Mahabaleshwar Hegde and Yashas G R with their mentors Mrs. Champa and Ms. Kruthi Jayaram


Animesh Anand, Chithreddy Sai Rakshith, Akshay S Mane and Rakesh M V with their mentor Mr. Madhu P


Suraj D M, Varun A Prasad, Sudhanva G Hebbale and Shwetha L with their mentors Dr. Sahana D Gowda and Mrs. Priyanka S


Afeera Mehnaz, Raksha J Bhat, Sejal Jain and Sumukh Venugopal with their mentor Mrs. S. Srividhya


Work carried out by Kishan R, Lohithkumar Shetty M, Hariharan R N and Karthik  with their mentors Mr. Hemanth Kumar C and Dr. Jayanna BK


Work carried out by Shashanka G, Tejas R Simha, Varun D Gurjar and Vishnuvardhan G with their Mentor Mrs.ChaitraN


Work carried out by Raksha H,Ankitha S and Namitha G with their Mentor Dr. Sejal Santosh Nimbhorkar


Work carried out by Shreyas G S and Thrupthi N with their Mentor Mrs. Priya R Sankpal

NewGen-IEDC Projects 2017-18
1  Virtual Eye

Pruthvi S, Shama M S, Hitesh V Haritas, Sandesh S Chiploonkar with their mentors Dr. Basavaraj.N and

Prof. N.Shesha Prasad, Dept. of ECE

NewGen-IEDC Projects 2017-18
2 Indigenously built prosthetic Arm using 3D printer

ShaikMohammed Rizwan, Shreyas S P, Reethan D L, Ganesh V with their mentors Dr. MukeshPatil and Prof.KumaraSwamy, Dept. of ME.

3 Easy Foot

Abhishek B V, Aniruddha B V, Ganesh M Dixit, Nataraj N Badiger with their mentors

Dr. Anil Kumar B. S. and Prof. Raghavendra N, Dept. of ME.

4 Agrotona

Akshar K R, Balaji with their mentors Dr. D. Shivalingappa and Prof. Saravanan V

Dept. of ME

5 Lazer Induced Musical Instrument

Ganesh Murthy V, Sathvik R Bharadwaj, Rakshitha A, Pooja R with their mentors Prof. Bindu S and Prof. Ashwini S Savanth, Dept. of ECE

6 Jacket for Mobility aid to Blind people

Sachin B Jain, K Shashank Rao, Monali G Pawar with their mentors Prof.  Kumar A and Prof.Priyashree, Dept. of EEE

7 Energy Harvesting using Bicycle

Nayana R, Roshan S, Sushanth Kumar with their mentors Dr. Parimala R V and Prof. Venkatesha K, Dept. of EEE

8 Design and Implementation of Oculographic System for Motor Neuron Disease Patient for Communication

Rakshita R, Ujwal S S with their mentor Dr. Yashajyothi and Prof. Keerthi Kulkarni, Dept. of ECE

9.Assistive technology for intellectually disabled and physically challenged people.

Tejas C, Tejashwini V with their mentors Dr. P. A. Vijaya and Prof. Chandra Shekar, Dept. of ECE

10. Portable Solar charged battery and inverter unit for low power application

Asmita Vasuki, Archita Vasuki, M Swathi, Sumukh Venugopal (ISE student) with their mentors Prof. Ashwini A, and Prof. Karanam Vasudha, Dept. of ECE.

11 Monitoring Brain WaveSystem

Akhil N Sridhar, Harsha G, Spoorthi, Syeda Lubna with their mentor Mrs. Priyashree, Dept. of  EEE

12 Solar Powered Bicycle

Sree Soundarya. C, Avishek Kumar, Siddhant Srivastava, Keertana S
 Dept. of EEE

13 Pneumatic Bumper and Braking system

Prem Kumar, Vikas Kumar Vishnu, Aditya Kumar, Omkar Kumar with their mentors Prof. Anil Kumar and Mr. Madhu P, Dept. of ME 

14 Lifi based Blind indoor Navigation system for Visually Impaired People

Nagarjuna T V, Shravan Gupta, Shashank A, S Roopesh Kumar with their mentor Prof. Priyadarshini K Desai, 

Dept. of ECE

Inauguration of NewGen IEDC

Sri. Narayan Rao R Maanay, Secretary, BNMEI, New Gen IEDC, EDII inaugurating the facilities of New Gen IEDC at BNMIT Campus.
Prof. S B Sareen, Project Director, New Gen IEDC, EDII inaugurating the facilities of New Gen IEDC at BNMIT Campus.
Dr. Sunil Sukla, Director-EDII inaugurating the NewGen IEDC Lab in our BNMIT campus New Building.
(From L-R) Dr. M S Suresh, Dean, BNMIT, Dr. Krishnamurthy G N, Principal, BNMIT, Dr. K R Iqbal Ahmed, Member, Governing Council, BNMIT, Dr. Sunil Sukla, Director, EDII, Dr. C Naganna, Chairman, BNMIT, Sri. Narayan Rao R Maanay, Secretary, BNMEI, Dr. Naveen Vasishta, Director/Scientist, DST, Prof. S B Sareen, Project Director, New Gen IEDC, EDII, Prof. T J Rama Murthy, Director, BNMIT, Dr. L Vijayashree, Chief Co-ordinator, ED Cell, New Gen IEDC during the inaugural function of New Gen IEDC.
Students of BNMIT participating in the inauguration of NewGen IEDC in the auditorium
A meeting with the officials of EDII and BNMIT at BNMIT Board Room
New Gen IEDC students interacting with officials from Department of Science and Technology, Govt., of India and EDI, India.
A view of BNMIT NewGen IEDC Lab
Dr.L.Vijayashree, Head – NewGen IEDC speaking at the auditorium on the occasion of inaugurating NewGen IEDC at BNMIT campus

Dr. L.VIJAYASHREE, M.B.A., M.Phil., PhD., NET                                                   

Chief- Coordinator- New Gen IEDC, DST, Govt. of India, BNMIT

Professor – MBA Dept., Head-Entrepreneurship Development Cell, BNMIT

Secretary AIMS-Karnataka and Kerala Chapter

CEO-Vision Karnataka Foundation-Education Council

LinkedIn: Mobile: 9980356098


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Success Stories
  1. Hycube Works Private Limited – a pre incubated 3D Printer manufacturers

Co-founders Shreyas SP and ReethanDoijode

Alumni Students of Department of Mechanical Engineering, BNMIT, started their company Hycube Works Pvt Ltd in the year 2018. Their project of 3D prosthetic arm was funded by DST, in the year 2017-18 at BNMIT and they got pre-incubated at the campus.  In the year 2019-20 they have been selected as one among Top 30 of 300 Startups from all over India and is been pre-incubated by Launchpad Cohort 12 at NSRCEL, IIM Bangalore. Now they are having their startup with 4 interns at IIMB and successfully created a chain of Center of Excellence for 3D printing at various colleges across Karnataka.

2. Fuzzy Logic Electric Trike

Aslesh Kumar A, RaghuveerBhat, Shwetha S, Alagar Krishna B

Alumni Students of Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, BNMIT

A successful prototype in campusfunded by DST in the year 2018-19, students Made Reverse Electric Trike in India – Vtrike Startup. After getting pre-incubated in our college campus,The teamVoltrike, with continuous efforts have successfully incubated in National Institute of Design, Bengaluru, one of the pioneer institutes in Bengaluru.

3. Tedora Technologies

Shreyas G S and Thrupthi N

8th Semester -Department of Electrical and Communication Engineering, BNMIT

Tedora Technologies is a design engineering startup which intends to provide innovative Web and Mobile application services as per the needs of the customers. The platform also aims at educating the students about the basics of web and mobile application development. With over a year of service, the startup is fruitful in developing applications for the chief customers – Ayushya Technologies and Services Pvt Ltd and Aarna Solutions Pvt Ltd, besides conducting workshops for 11th and 12th standard students across Bangalore.

More about TedoraTechnologies’clients :
Ayushya Technologies and Services (ATAS) increases the longevity of electronic products through innovation, technology and best in class processes and controls to generate value for the customers.
Aarna Technologies : AARNA solutions works with client from briefing stage to pilot production and tooling assistance. Throughout the idealization and concept development cycle, the company closely interacts with various relevant department, to provide faster, simpler and feasible innovations.

EASY FOOT project presentation at State Level project exhibition

Ganesh M Dixit & Nataraj N Badiger

8th semester Mechanical Engineering Department, BNMIT

The state level technical project exhibition was held at Sri Venkateshwara College of Engineering, Bengaluru from 12th to 13th March 2019 organized by Karnataka Science and Technology Academy (KSTA) and in association with Sri Venkateshwara College of Engineering, Bengaluru.

The project EASY FOOT which was completed under New Gen IEDC funded by Department of Science and Technology, Govt. of India, New Delhi, won 1st place among participants around 23 other projects from all over the state and received the cash prize of Rs 20,000.00( twenty thousand) form KSTA.


5. Money -Bin

Money Bin idea was generated and developed by Manu, Nihaarika, Naga Sukesh and Murudeshwar of V semester, Department of Computer Science and Engineering. The project was selected for the final competition at Anveshana 2019. It is a Science and Engineering competition where the students exhibit their projects/models. The objective of Anveshana was to encourage innovative ideas and creativity among students from engineering colleges and nearby schools. It facilitated the process of mentoring and learning between engineering students and school students where they plan, design and make the model together. It bridges the knowledge gap between school and higher education through the integration of ideas and learning concepts.