Distinguished Dignitaries on their visit to BNMIT

Former President of India and BharataRatna    Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam visited BNM Institute of Technology, Bengaluru on 20th July 2013.In his interaction with the students of Engineering and Management entitled “Culture of Excellence”, he exhorted the student community to be innovative and create wealth to the community through hard work, dedication and a zeal that the youth of today can accomplish anything and contribute to the realization of his Mission 2020.

Dr. Kalam mentioned that any institution is judged by the level and extent of research work it accomplishes  which in turn, results in the development of technology.  Technology is linked to economy and environment through manufacture of knowledge products.  This in turn promotes prosperity in society.Elaborating on the latest developments Dr. Abdul Kalam mentioned about the convergence of information and communication technology finally leading to the development of nano robots which will have tremendous potential in health care,  agriculture and other fields.

He suggested that institutions with the help of faculty and students should adopt villages and call them “Puras”.  Thus BNMIT can have BNMIT PURA in theoutskirts of Bengaluru which can be developed with requisite infrastructure of good drinking water, sanitation and other essentials.  In all this, technology andinnovation can be combined to yield results which are beneficial to the mankind.

During his interaction with the students, Dr. Abdul Kalam suggested that they should become entrepreneurs rather than job seekers so that they can leverage technology to generate wealth and progress in the country.

He complemented the management of BNM Group of Institutions for all their efforts in bridging the gap between industry and  institution.

Dr. Abdul Kalam inaugurated the modern Auditorium block and appreciated the newly constructed modern auditorium as one of the best he has seen. his Mission 2020.

Prof.Roddam Narasimha
Director,National Institutes of Advanced studies.

Major initiative havebeen taken in renewable technologies. I am also very happy that all these different forces are gathered here, academic institutions,R & D labs, Industries, Engineering Colleges, Teachers, Students,Businessmen. It is only by coming together of these forces thatmajor changes can occur. From everything I hear this morning such a moment has arrived and I find that BNMIT has been instrumental for this to happen. My best wishes to all concerened at BNMIT.”

Dr. N.R Shetty
Chairman ISTE, New Delhi & Former VC, Bangalore Univ.

I have seen a large number of Institutes particularily technical institutions in different parts of the country. I am indeed happy that this young institution founded by these dynamic people in the year 2001 has come up so well

Mr. M. Chandrasekaran
Advisor, SIRF Technologies & Former CMD Impulse Soft

I realised that within 5 years of the college being established, you have organised 4 such successful and truly National Workshops. To me, it says a lot about the persons who are the prime movers of this Institution envisioning establishment of a leadership potential for BNMIT among colleges in Karnataka. It takes courage and vision for takin g such praiseworthy initiatives. I know that within the next couple of years, BNMIT will rank among the very best engineering institutions in India. Congratulations.

Prof. Sadagopan
Director, IIITB, Bangalore.

The success of the workshop could be assessed by the fact that more than 700 delegates were still seated at 6.45 pm which started at 9.00 am in JRD TATA Hall having 680 seats capacity. I have never before seen such a thing happening. It tells upon the caliber and capability of such an young Institute like BNMIT who have organised a well planned and executed workshop

Krish (Gopalakrishnan)
COO, MD, Infosys Technologies Limited.

Optimisim is important, positive thinking is more important and confidence with ability to change is most important. I congratulate BNMIT and all the people behind it for showing all the characteristic. I am part of the “BITES” index and congratulate BNMIT for getting such high ranking in such a short time