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A few words is not enough to describe my experience of learning from the amazing chemistry lecturers  , each and every faculty in the department , be it the lab assistant or the professors were very kind to us ,and they understood us so well ! which i think  is a really  important first step in connecting with the student  community .

Chemistry can be a tough subject , if the subject matter is not understood and practised daily ,and this need was recognised by our teacher , so they helped us in every way possible to make the subject matter tangible by writing easy-to- read notes and still covering every inch of the syllabus .They left no stone unturned in making us understand the subject from taking extra classes to making us write tests ,their kindness and their easy to approach attitude made it easy for us to ask  more doubts and deeply understand the material . I believe the reason for us to understand the laboratory sessions so well was because of the amicable environment created by the faculty, their helpful nature made our nervousness disappear during our first lab session . The chemistry lab assistants were very friendly , and helped us every time we were in doubt regarding our experiments .

Overall, learning from the chemistry department in BNMIT , was a  blissful experience , the care the teachers provided to us , their interest towards the student’s wellbeing , is like a goal to achieve and live for ! Thank you sir for this opportunity to write about my experience .

October 5, 2020


A few words is not enough to describe my experience of learning from the amazing chemistry lecturers  , each and every faculty in the department , be […]
October 5, 2020

Pavan Bhat

I can whole-heartedly tell that the entire chemistry department are doing their absolute best in imparting knowledge to the students . All of the classes are […]
October 5, 2020

V R Rohith

This is the place of reactions and experimentation. The more I go into the subject, the more I like to go into. The teachers are soo […]
October 5, 2020

Rachana S

Dept. of Chemistry: Subject was covered having the application point of view. Labs helped to know the concepts in a very detailed manner.
October 5, 2020

Nisarga Umesh

Dept. of Chemistry: Knows the content of the subject being taught, how the content is constructed from simple to complex and kept up-to-date through professional development.
October 5, 2020


The Professor was very informative she drove into the depths of the subject explaining the details to the smallest facts. She made chemistry interesting and fascinating.
October 5, 2020

Aashritha L

The professors in this department helped us to understand the complex concepts of chemistry by their efficient teaching. They made this subject much simpler by their […]
October 5, 2020

Prajwal Rajegowda

I heartily appreciate the support and guidance of Department of Chemistry which helped me understand its significance in every aspect of Engineering. The professors helped me […]
October 5, 2020

Nandana. V

All the professors in chemistry department are extremely helpful and approachable. They are student friendly and help us to be a better student. They make sure […]